Monday, September 28, 2015

Forging Ahead...

Still finishing those projects that have been stacking up! Here are two pieced twin-size tops that went to my quilter last Monday along with my other finished tops (Floral Bouquet and EPP Stars).

They are the same design and use the same fabrics, but the placement varies. This is as close as I can come to making two of the same!!! And I had to take a two-year break in between the two!  The pattern for the top is in Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts, by Kaffe Fassett. It is called "Yellow Potpourri" in the book.

I especially like the architectural details on some of the fabrics, and then blue is always good!

I am hoping those quilts will layer nicely with plain dark blue quilts underneath them, and an ivory dust ruffle. I am trying to dress up a boys' room! Not an easy task!!! I have learned to stop asking what they want, and just do what I want though...

The next quilt I am having a blast with is "Sutton Grange", by Di Ford. I started this last spring, but didn't get very far. I think I must have been very tired indeed! I have gotten it back out, and we are liking each other a lot!  Here is Di Ford's version and pattern.

My version is slightly different. (Did I hear someone say, "Uh, DUH!!!")  The beauty of these patterns is a gorgeous design one can customize! The pieces are just laid out, not sewn, and that top intertwining border isn't sewn yet!!! Proceeding in fits and starts...

My center is lacey and has a few buttons, so far. I have several ideas of what is going to happen to this block over the next few weeks...

For the second border, Di Ford was very lucky and used a fabric which she fussy cut and appliquéd by broderie perse. I didn't have a fabric I thought worked in that way, so I used lace and some trim.  I plan to continue to use lace in the other borders where Di Ford repeated the fabric, but each will be different. The intertwining appliqués are directly from her pattern. I love how they turn out.


I will add the lace corners after the yo-yo border is in place. I just know I am not the dedicated piecer that Di Ford is, so I substituted yo-yo's and embroidery for all the pieced quarter circles. I am having tons of fun, and that is definitely part of my agenda!

I apologize this entry is a little later than I planned. I could not get the software to work last Friday when I started this entry.  Here it is!  All good... back to hand embroidery... YAY!

Keep your quilts happy,


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