Saturday, January 30, 2016


Oh, I have been very bad. I really went underground. Nothing major, just turned a much bigger number than I ever intended or thought possible. Can I be that OLD???? YES. And several other real life occurrences that all happened at once. I dug a trench and hid my head. It's a bad habit I have. Why deal with all those horrors when one can hide?  Well, because they don't go away and sooner or later, one does have to face them all.  So, I am back with the living and have decided that big birthdays or not, I am still fine. I will just have to buy myself more presents during the year!

And worst than any of that, I haven't been doing much sewing.  Now that is really shameful!!! I promise to do much better. Working from the present back just a few weeks (we'll ignore a lot of those other weeks!), here is what I have been doing.

I am having fun with the 365 Block Challenge. One makes a 3-inch block each day, and, at the end of the year, each person will have a 90-inch quilt to assemble. My dear friend, Teresa W., in the UK, is also doing it, so it is making it more fun for me. The last numbers I saw were about 11, 500 people making the blocks worldwide.  Here are my 30 January blocks. Tomorrow will make 31.

They aren't in the original order, because it was windy outside and they blew off my board. I got them back on and just hoped for a photo before it happened again. 

Here is a drawing of the quilt we are heading toward...

As you can see, we are working on the dark colored blocks right now. If you want to join in the fun, I would think you could catch up at this point in the year, but don't wait too much longer! Google 365 Block Challenge and you should find the website. There is also a page on Facebook.

I also finished this piece for my husband. It will go to my quilter very soon. Yay!!!

The base is a log cabin and I added a wreath with antique lace. On top of the lace are embroidered birds, hand painted and woolen leaves, and beads. 

The birds are not ornithologically correct. I just had delightful fun with bird shapes. My husband is a birder, and he was a bit confused. I claimed artistic license!

Right now I am working on several things. One is my NY Beauty quilt which I started a while ago, but for whatever reasons set aside. Here is the center block as last photographed, although it is farther along than this now.

I have also started a second "fan". Here is the beginning of it.

I am excited to be working again!And to be writing and sharing!!!

My niece had twins last Monday: a boy and a girl! I am making two little quilts for Callum and Leyla! I will show you those next week... 

So sorry I have been missing for so long!!! I will keep my chin up and the work coming!

Hope your world is bright and sunny,