Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Is a Routine in Sight?

Why don't I just skip the apologies for my long, unintended absence and get to the sewing stuff?  You know why I haven't written! I have children and a husband. Does anything else need to be said?

One of my son's, who has had a lot of medical problems over the last few years, returned to university last week. I found myself wanting to do very regulated tasks, so I pulled out "Mrs. Billings' Coverlet" and followed the instructions. For me, when all else fails, follow someone else's instructions. I had started it last spring, but not gotten very far. I added a few more rounds this past week, and I am liking the results very much.

The first photograph shows from the center block out to border 8, and the others are close-ups to give you a better idea of the fabrics I am using. The next border is EPP flowers on squares of fabric.  I have these few made so far. I have to say they are very delightful to make. The edge on these is 5/8 inch.  The size is consistent with the center of the quilt and also with the last border.  If you are not familiar with the pattern, this is what it looks like in full.  I am using the version by Karen Styles of Somerset Patchwork (Australia). Hers comes complete with all the acrylic templates you need to cut your various pieces. It is very well done!

You can see I have plenty of sewing to go!!! I can't promise I will finish this quilt all in one sewing session (however long that is!), but I do want to get this to completion some day!

I am also still working on my EPP stars quilt top.  I have the edges just about finished.  It is almost ready for its borders! Then it will go to my lovely quilter's house!!! 

My husband and I took a few days to ourselves! It was lovely. We rented a house in a small town in the Texas hill country. Here are a few photos which I think are inspiration for quilting somehow??

These are architectural details on the house, outside and in.  I think the second one shows a wall that was left in tact after an addition. I thought it was fabulous!  It was a really nice place to stay.

I almost forgot: I cleaned up my fabrics!!! Now that for me is therapy!!!

Interesting sight: no traffic going in or out!!!

Hoping your sewing routine is much better than mine!!! Here's to happiness everywhere, but especially in your quilts!


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