Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Time to Finish

July 8, 2015

I have never quite figured out why this happens or when it is going to happen, but it just did. I have hit my quilt project limit, i.e. there are more quilts that I want to make than I can possibly get to in a lifetime. So, I must regroup and take stock, reprioritize and finish what I want finished, then give myself permission to GO! on some new quilts. I just have all my drawers and lovely boxes filled with partial tops and blocks and pieces and trims and whatever else in various stages of progress. There are many I really want to finish, so it is time to do so. Others I may decide to make smaller or donate to my guild's auction for someone else's fancy. It's convenient that our auction is in August. I don't know if this is what precipitated this or not. I really think it is just seeing so many gorgeous quilts and patterns and being reminded I want to make those, too, that has me thinking.

Number one on the top of my finish pile is the Floral Bouquet quilt by Yoko Saito. I have one block to make and the borders. I had already decided to simplify the borders to one basket with longer tendrils and add more birds across the top. For me, this isn't a show quilt, so it helps with the decision of how much more time I want to dedicate to it.  I am having lots of fun doing it, but that is the reason I am doing it. It's good to remember why we are making a particular quilt. Here are photos of some of the blocks. I intended NOT to embellish. So, if you have stopped laughing, I will show you the photos! Oh, in case you are not familiar, here is a photo of the original pattern by Yoko Saito:

The tough decision will actually happen after I finish this quilt. What comes next? I have several English Paper Piecing tops that are very close to finished, one especially that I want to complete. Then, like a complete goose, I started Mrs. Billings coverlet, and it's compelling, Sutton Grange, also compelling, and several original designs that are taking shape. Oh, and A Woodland Christmas, by Anne Sutton, with all the delightful animals. Oh, yes, we don't make it easy on ourselves!  This does not include all the new patterns that I haven't started, but want to!!! A quilter's life is hard because it is too full of glorious choices and textiles! I will do my best to show courage!!!

What are you sewing? Are you making something you really love? I hope so! 

Until next time, happy quilting!


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